Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Candy and Cans

When I started these drawings they were kind of difficult. The can was hard with the pastels because it was hard to blend the colors. After starting it though, it got easier and I felt a little more comfortable using them. Another difficult thing was making value in the can by making light and dark values. The final product didn't look that good to me and I feel like if I took a little more time I could have done better on it but at least it kind of looks like a can.
When I was drawing the dum-dum I had a lot of trouble. It was hard to draw the lines and shadows of everything. After I got the basic shape down it was a lot easier to use the color pencils and color it in. It kind of looks like a Lollypop but it could be better. I'm hoping that throughout these next 9 weeks I can improve my drawing skills a little bit!

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