Monday, June 9, 2014

Mixed Media Collage

This project was actually one of my favorites! It was really hard to come up with a good idea but after I came up with mine I was really excited to make it.  My idea was completely original, but I didn't fully execute the whole idea.  At first I was going to make a lion out of pineapples and make the pineapples its mane but I soon realized that it would be way too time consuming and I didn't have that much time to spend on it.  So I made a circle of card board and filled that with lions and then made two pineapples out of cardboard and filled them with pineapples, then I glued the pineapples on the circle...(ghetto I know).  I really liked this project though because it has my two favorite things incorporated into it.  The one thing I would have really changed about it though is to take a little more time on it and not rush, so that it would look a little nicer and more put together.

Sticky Situation

When I started this project I was very unsure of what I should of done.  I had a lot of good ideas and thumbnails but I knew that I could not execute them in a way that they would look as good as I was picturing in my head.  Besides the fact that I didn't have very good ideas I also knew that painting is not one of my greater talents. When I finally decided on doing the giraffe I thought it would look way better than it turned out.  I love the way the right side of the painting looks but not so much the left side of it.  I think the best part of the painting is the grass.  I spent a lot of time on it and made many layers of it.  I also love the way the trees in the background look. The things I would change is the size of the giraffe, I would have made it so that it was a little bit bigger. I also would have changed the way I made the branches on the tree to the left because those turned out really bad, and I would have blended the grass together just a little bit better. Overall I think that this was one of my better pieces of art even though it still isn't that good.