Thursday, March 27, 2014

Project one: fish.

        When I was brainstorming ideas for my project I knew I wanted to do an animal. I decided after looking at multiple animals that I was going to do a fish. As I was looking through different species of fish I decided that I wanted to draw a betta fish. I printed out many references and started doing thumbnails. When I finally finnished my sketch I knew that I was ready to do my final. I used my references as a source of inspiration and then used some of my own ideas. I drew the fins and gills differently than my references but my ideas were inspired by the pictures.  Also I added coral to the bottom to add a little bit of a back ground, this was one of my ideas. In all I used inspirations and my own ideas in this piece. 
        When I was doing my sketch before I'm final I was using the tortillian a lot. I never stopped using it. I thought it looked very good but everyone else thought it looked kind of weird. After asking Ms. Rossi she told me to stop using it and took it away from me. I didn't think that I would be able to do my final without the tortillian but after Ms. Rossi showed me how to do it and use texture I got the hang out of it. Through this project I learned how to use texture to make it look more realistic.
           This artwork shows what I like because I really like animals. Especially sea animals. They intrigue me a lot. Also I grew up with many fish including a betta fish and in my head I had a great vision for a betta fish.