Art 2 final exam

My most successful project was my pineapple from the up close and personal project.  The process I went through to complete this project was pretty long and I definitely spent way more time on this piece than any of the rest of my artwork, but the hard work payed off because I really love the way it turned out.  I spent a lot of time on the blending and shading of the colors to enhance the texture and make it a little more realistic looking.  My favorite part is the stem of the pineapple, I love the way I made it look a little 3D.  I chose to do the pineapple half way on the page and half way off of it and I love the way it turned out!  I think it looks cooler than it would if it was just in the middle of the page.  When I was done with the pineapple I wanted to do a background so that it wouldn't look so plain and lonely so I colored the background a bright pink so it would make it pop!  These things were beneficial to the project and they really did enhance the project!  If I could change one thing I would draw a shadow or make it so it was sitting on a counter or something like that, but other than that I love this project and it was the best one I did!

My fish was my least successful project out of all of them, even though it was very first project it was so terrible.  I think it wasn't very good because I didn't really have any prior knowledge of working with pencils.  I tried so hard to get good value but I couldn't really grasp the concept of value until the project was almost done.  The best value I could get was in the coral and that wasn't really that good either!  I also just feel like the fish as a whole looks like a first grader did it.  I thought it looked really great in the moment but looking back at it now it is so terrible!  If I could change anything I would change my whole idea and change it to something that was a little bit easier to do for my first project.  I would also work on my value in the fins and I would change the shape of the body as a whole.  The only thing I actually liked in this project was the coral.  Even though nobody including myself liked the fish my Momma did and thats all that matters :)

Even though I already used my pineapple for my most successful I know I can still talk about it a little more.  I grew a lot as an artist during this project.  I really learned what value was and executed it well on my pineapple.  Also my idea was original and creative and I think that this project was one of the only projects that turned out the way that I envisioned it and wanted it to turn out!
The other project that I feel like I demonstrated growth on is my mixed media project!  I know that it isn't the most exciting and best project but I think I grew a lot during it.  It was my last project and I got really creative with it (or at least tried to).  During the beginning and middle of the semester I was so bad at coming up with ideas to use but with this one I actually came up with a decent idea on my own.  I also grew in the application of materials because I got creative with what we had in the classroom while doing this project!  The last thing that I think I really grew in was the artistic vision because I had a great vision for what I wanted it to look like the whole time and although I didn't have enough time to execute my whole idea, if I took it home and finished it I know it would have came out looking like what I wanted it to look like.  Overall these two projects show how I gained growth as an artist throughout the semester.

These are the two mini lessons that stuck out to me most when I read this project.  Although both of them are terrible they helped me learn lots about different techniques.  The can helped me learn how to use oil pastels and I learned that they aren't that easy to use especially when you are trying to add value within them too. The Dum Dum wouldn't have been very hard if there were so many dimensions and creases in it making it so that I had to add a lot of value (which I wasn't very good at, at the time) but this project taught me a lot about including value.  I think that I had enough instruction to complete both of these mini lessons but I didn't have enough skill to make them look good.  If I were to have a little more experience with colored pencils and oil pastels they would have probably looked ten times better!  I think that if I were to sit down and try to redo them over again they would look ten times better because I have grown a lot and learned a lot since I did these lessons.  Overall I feel that these two mini lessons were the most beneficial for my learning.

My favorite medium that we worked with was the acrylic paint.  I just love how you cant get so creative with what you're trying to do.  I also like how you can make any shade of color you can even think of with just a few primary colors!  I like how you can make value with it, but it looks so much cooler than it does with just pencil because there are multiple colors in it. I liked a lot of the mediums that we worked with but acrylic paint had to have been my favorite throughout the semester.   Even though this panting was very challenging for me I loved working with the paint for these reasons and many more and look forward to painting more in the future!

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